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May 28, 2019


My name is Elizabeth and I want to welcome you to my blog. I am a newlywed renovating a 100+ year old home and living a toxin-free, holistic lifestyle in the rural Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC.

My goal of keeping an online journal is simple. I want to share my lifestyle with you! Those that know me personally are well aware that I have been diving deeper and deeper down the hole of alternative living. I have been sneered at, cheered on, and received small nudges of encouragement throughout my journey. At the end of the day, whether some people are comfortable with it or not, I have found powerful transformation and confidence in myself through living by a natural code. Through sharing my journey, I am hoping to build community, educate others, and ultimately aid in picking up our uncreative, inactive, and chronically plagued society from the floor.

I saw you working in the pharmaceutical industry and eating take-out for every meal. How did you get here?

As a child, my mother instilled in me deep gratitude to nature. She taught me to immerse myself in the world around me and indulge in intuitive expression. As an adult, I continue to look to the natural world for inspiration, advice, spirituality, and comfort.

My relationship with nature now deeply informs my personal aesthetic and counseling style, however, I did not always look to nature aside from visual and spiritual inspiration. Some personal set-backs encouraged me to closely examine how I was living my life. Years of personal and family trauma, illness, and loss not only sent me scrambling to learn everything I could feast my eyes on about health, but it also empowered me to educate others. In the true fashion of synchronicity, I attracted a partner that values the same standard of living that I do. Our journey has barreled down the road of evolution. I hope that by documenting my path, journey, and lessons learned that I can empower you to make the best, healthiest decision for you and your family.

This is my journey to living a toxin-free, beautifully curated, holistic lifestyle. I hope you enjoy.

xo Elizabeth

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  1. Hausaan Burton says:

    Wow Liz! That was so beautifully written! Kim and I are going to continue to cheer you and your life partner on from the sidelines (can’t wait to meet him by the way). We continued to be WOW’d by every renovation you make and can’t wait to come visit the final product ourselves! I love what you do and how you honor your mom in the same token.

    Can’t wait to see more updates!

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