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Summertime Florals

June 25, 2019

Happy Monday everyone!

I had a really great weekend catching up on some reality tv and doing a little bit of landscaping on Saturday while Andrew was out of town. I have to sneak it in while he’s not home to really indulge. On Sunday we took a little jaunt down the road to one of our local flower farms, Field of Flowers.

I took the opportunity to showcase some of the pieces that I bought for the summer while having some fun cutting flowers and scheming up new ways to include them all in my garden. One of my goals for next year is to have a cutting garden of my own so I love taking note of what is in bloom at different times of the year.

What is more fitting than wearing florals when the flowers are exploding outside?! I bought this amazing Banjanan blouse at Tuckernuck in the spring and I have already worn it on so many occasions. Easter, work, dinner, and cutting flowers, you name it! It is 100% cotton so it is light as a feather, but still has some structure in the shoulders and ruffle details. Plus, it has pockets and everyone knows that pockets make girls happy!

I particularly want to use my platform to showcase pieces that align with my holistic lifestyle. So when I think about what I want to purchase next, it has to align with my goals, fit my aesthetic, be quality made, and practical. I am super into Banjanan as a brand not only because they pride themselves on making heirloom quality pieces, but also because they are committed to supporting and sustaining their local textile community in Jaipur, India. They are proponents of circular fashion meaning they are concerned with the entire life cycle of their products from design and creation to the end of the garment’s life. Here are a couple of ways that they go above and beyond to keep our health and the earth’s health in mind:

  • They maintain steady employment for skilled workers whose craft has been handed down to them for generations.
  • Their prints are not only handmade, but their colors are AZO free, as AZO dyes used in textile processing are known to be harmful to the environment.
  • They use natural fibers such as cotton, silk, and viscose than can be safely biodegraded when the garment has had its’ last hoorah.
  • They focus on reducing as much waste as possible during production by reusing and reclaiming raw material and minimizing the need to reclaim virgin materials.
  • They minimize international shipments to lessen their carbon footprint.


Their pieces are meant to be worn indefinitely and passed down through time. Beautiful, one of a kind, hand made clothing with Mama Earth in mind?! Swoon. 

I am hoping to eventually purchase a dress (or five), but in the meantime, I’ll be rocking this blouse until further notice.


xo, Elizabeth


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