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This piece is a pressed single specimen of Holy Basil adhered to acid free paper. Due to its fragility, it is professionally framed with burl wood under true museum glass. This piece is intended to transcend trends and become a stunningly simple heirloom to be enjoyed for years to come.

Please note that pressed botanical and foliage specimens are truly foraged from nature. We are celebrating their perfect imperfectness. A glorious gift from Mother Nature! Fading, cracks, wrinkles, broken pieces, and the like are not flaws and add to the character of the art.

Patina caused by oxidation is inevitable (and the sepia tones are what I truly love!) but if you want to slow down the browning process, keep art out of direct sun.

Overall Size: TBD

Specimen Details: Holy Basil harvested in Northern Virginia

All sales final.

THE Features


01. Holy Basil harvested in Northern Virginia

02. Overall Size: TBD

03. All sales final. 

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